In this longer-than-anticipated blog post, I’d like to share the journey towards creating a cohesive squad, as well as the lessons and learnings we drew from the experience.

At the beginning of October, I was just about to set out on another adventure at a new company, meet more fellow shisha lovers, and be actively involved in revamping my new team. I was pretty lucky that three engineers from my former firm were starting at the same time. Moreover, one of the guys was going to be our manager and technical lead, so I was pretty excited to be surrounded…

Last week I criticised open floor spaces and made an argument as to why they aren’t viable for knowledge work. However, the reality is that most people do work in such spaces, so what can we do to work effectively in this environment? Below I have outlined my practices when it comes to working in an open space. Feel free to copy the ones you like, discard the ones you don’t and comment on anything you find interesting.

Don’t attend unnecessary meetings.

If I can’t contribute to the meeting and its output will be documented somewhere I can check later at my convenience, what…

Woods Bagot Offices in Perth, Australia

The Open Office Concept

Where does the concept for open floor plans come from? Constraining the question to the field of knowledge work, it has been said that these big open spaces were popularized by Facebook, Google and Apple at the start of the 2000s as these companies were starting to expand rapidly. [1]

The main idea is that such a space would foster serendipitous communication between employees and the exchange of ideas. Another less mentioned, but still important factor for this decision is less ideological — these spaces are cheaper than traditional offices. …

This is my first medium post so bear with me.

Lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of “overestimating” the tasks during our regular planning sessions. The motivation came from the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown that I have been picking up during the past couple of months. There have been other interesting ideas that relate to the field of Software Engineering but I will attempt to explain those in the future.

Role of estimations

The purpose of estimating every task that you will be tackling for the next X days is to make sure that the amount of work you’re taking on…

Aleksandar Irikov

Software Engineer

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